A Once in a Lifetime Date- #61616

Earlier this year, one of our clients, METRO, decided to “reinvent” itself. While real-time update and trip planner apps and the introduction of new, more fuel efficient vehicles and mobile ticketing were garnering some interest from riders, the bus system was falling behind its goal of appealing to Millennials and other potential riders. So, when we found out National Dump the Pump Day falls on a once in a lifetime date this year, 6.16.16, it seemed like a no-brainer to kick of summer 2016 with a ridership event that will serve as a METRO brand relaunch. The event is largely social media driven, so we branded it #61616.

On #61616, four popular Cincinnati musical acts will play at four select METRO bus stops; two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Local radio stations will be at the four stops to excite people about the ridership event and promote riding METRO. In addition, there will be complimentary drinks and snacks at each stop for people to enjoy.

 Prior to the event, Cincinnati residents are being asked to take the pledge to ride METRO on #61616. Pledges can be made on the campaign’s microsite: www.METRO61616.com. By taking the pledge, people will receive a free METRO Day Pass and are automatically entered to win great raffle prizes, including concert tickets (Jimmy Buffett, anyone?) and restaurant gift cards.

Aside from branding the event and designing and maintaining the campaign microsite, we are incorporating both new and traditional media. Promotional tactics include print ads, radio commercials, online banner ads, promotional items (t-shirts and stickers!), and, of course, social media to attract Millennials.

While big events may be overwhelming for some, they are a great way to bring attention to a brand and introduce a new product, service, or feature. So, whether you’re planning a product launch or wanting to reintroduce your brand in a seemingly stagnant market, don’t be afraid to make the most of it! After all, it’s always best to “go big or go home,” right?




Getting to Know Staples Marketing – Part Seven

photo courtesy of: http://www.ca.co.za/blog/right-career-path-2/
photo courtesy of: http://www.ca.co.za/blog/right-career-path-2/

Sure, everyone here is interested in marketing or advertising of some form. I mean, that’s why we’re here, right? But let’s just say, for a moment, we weren’t. A career in marketing just wasn’t a part of any of our plans. What the heck would we all be doing? Well, read on to find out.

“Question 7: If you didn’t work in marketing, what would you do?”

Erik: It would’ve required a very different career path, but I’m going to say build furniture.

Ingrid: I don’t work in marketing.  Hahahahaha  🙂 (Okay, she got me – she works in Accounting!)

Ryan: I would own and work a restaurant bar on a tropical beach.

Cathy: I’d go to Culinary Institute of America and become a chef. Then open my own restaurant.

Josh: I would run a small movie theater or bowling alley that also serves really good sandwiches.

Amy: I would work in the sports industry, maybe doing sports marketing or something.

Katie: I would open a pit bull rescue and save ALL THE DOGS!

Traci: I’d still be in the arts in some shape or form, probably own an art gallery. If my husband had a say, we’d be running a brew pub!

Laura: Teach theatre classes to kids.

Steve: I’d work in some form of healthcare as a physician or specialist, possibly sports medicine.

Danny: I’d be a lawyer.

Karissa: I would love to be a pediatric nurse. I love working with and helping kids!

Roe: I might be a stock broker or financial planner, helping people maximize their investments.

The Matrix


Source: http://nullpointerdruid.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/the_matrix_0057.jpg

Our agency recently compiled a matrix of the services we offer. Why?  Because we learned that even some of our longest-running clients and closest media partners weren’t aware of everything we do.

Now, I’ve been with Staples for a long time. Just over 14 years, actually. And even I was surprised by the matrix. From focus groups to restroom advertising, we really do-do it all. Pun intended, because I started looking back at all the crazy things I’ve been part of for the sake of getting the job done. The types of things that won’t make the matrix because, chances are, we’ll never have to do them again.

For me, one of the strangest by-far was to put on my swim suit one chilly autumn morning, jump into the pool at Greenfield Park, and help corral hundreds of piles of plastic dog doo for a photo shoot. Let me tell you something about plastic dog doo and water, every little movement creates a tsunami that sends plastic dog doo scattering like they’re little motorboats. It was everywhere. And this particular morning, it was my job to use my 6-ft wingspan to keep these little bombs in the vicinity of where they needed to be.

Like I said, this is the kind of stuff that won’t make the matrix. If it did, it would be right under “Website Hosting” and be called: “Weird Stuff We’d Rather Not Talk About. Ever.”  But if it means getting the perfect photo of a little girl going down a waterslide into a pool filled with water that’s been polluted by lawn fertilizer and dog doo, we’ll do it.

By God we really do-do it all.

Flex Your Brand, Go Digital!

Digital Board Header

Digital billboards are nothing new, but they are growing in popularity and for good reason too. As a next generation platform for advertisers, digital boards allow businesses to interact with consumers, create custom content and make maximum impact.

Traditionally speaking most billboards you see are still vinyl, BUT if you are looking for more flexibility and versatility then digital billboards may be a viable option.

With digital boards you can schedule different ads to run at different times, even create several ads to rotate. We successfully used this media approach for Metra’s 2014 Summer Campaign in Chicago. By rotating several boards Metra is able to reach a variety of consumers with different messaging thus expanding their marketing efforts and potential ridership threefold.

Another great benefit is the ability to directly respond to market conditions within minutes. Leinenkugel’s Brewing Co. recently took advantage of this by promoting its Summer Shandy with special weather-responsive boards. By utilizing weather sensitive technology the digital ads change as clouds roll in, showers falls, or the sun shines. See article here: http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/news/leinenkugels-sells-summer-shandy-with-weather-responsive-digital-billboards/

If you’re interested in flexible outdoor advertising or simply intrigued please drop us a line. We are always developing new and creative ways to improve our clients marketing efforts!


App Happy


Honestly, what can’t mobile apps do? I was reading an article yesterday about new apps that set pretty sophisticated security measures in motion when someone steals your phone: http://online.wsj.com/articles/to-catch-a-phone-thief-take-a-theftie-1401301130

Then, I saw an article this morning that says Dr. James Andrews is developing an app that is designed to help young pitchers avoid the need to get Tommy John surgery: http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/11002986/dr-james-andrews-app-aiming-limit-tommy-john-surgeries

Plus, the WEIRD LAWS app just told me that bear wrestling matches are illegal in Alabama. #themoreyouknow

The great thing about an app is that it can be programmed to do just about anything. That’s the reason that so many businesses are finding it essential to have an app as part of their overall marketing plan; that and the high number of people who own / constantly play with a smartphone.

Every business has at least a few pieces of information that they would like their customers to have with them at all times, and most would like those customers to be able to do something with those pieces of information as quickly as possible. An app provides that necessary drop-of-a-hat accessibility, to both the information and the way to use it.

And, if you’d like to offer your customers a way to play games, upload photos, download ringtones, or just about anything else a computer program can do, your app can do that, too.

If you would like to give your customers a way to keep your information with them at all times, a way to use that information as soon as they need it, and maybe even a way to have a little fun with their phones, drop us a line. We can design your app to do all that and more!

Father’s Day Marketing Ideas: Father’s Day Provides Entrepeneurs and Opportunity to increase Sales with Creative Marketing Ideas

(PRWEB) June 06, 2012

Father’s Day is not just a national day of gratitude for dads everywhere; it also represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to use creative father’s day marketing ideas to increase profits. Marketing expert, Charles Gaudet, founder of PredictableProfits.com, encourages business owners to leverage this holiday to create a marketing event aimed at driving more sales to businesses.

“Spouses, children and grandparents will be actively looking to buy something for ‘the guy that has it all.’ As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to think of creative Father’s Day marketing ideas to help our customers’ buying decision easier as well as make the day as special as possible for their dads,” says Gaudet. “A properly executed marketing idea could produce a windfall of profits for a business.”

Restaurants, clothing retailers and sports stores commonly are the first to come to mind when looking to spend money on dad; however, Gaudet suggests creative entrepreneurs any industry can use this holiday to boost profits regardless of the business.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/06/06/prweb9577411.DTL#ixzz1x2VYP9tL

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