Facebook Live, Trend or Tremendous?

One of the biggest trends in content marketing in 2016 was video and this trend will continue to rise in 2017. If you think about it, video is absolutely everywhere online: from live streaming to social media, articles, ads and these modes will only continue to grow in the years to come. Global giant Facebook recognized this trend and staying ahead of the curve launched Facebook Live in 2015, which is now available on all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS, Android, and the Facebook Mentions app.

So, what is so cool and beneficial about Facebook Live?
It gives anyone the chance to share live video stories, awareness campaigns, events, even products with your followers and friends in real time. One of the coolest elements of Facebook live is the interaction with real people in real-time. Facebook Live allows followers and friends to make comments while the presenter is speaking which helps to shape the discussion, flow, and overall feel of the live event. This type of personal interaction is unparalleled in any form of advertising. The other major benefit is that you don’t have to spend hours on editing and creating fancy videos, you only need a phone, a Facebook account and a good topic for your live story to reach your audience.

Here are some ideas for your first Facebook Live session:
– Hold a Q&A on issues or topics your followers are interested with or need help with.
– Explain, inspire and share with your audience a little bit of your mastery through live tutorials and workshops
– Give your followers an exclusive look into your brand by going behind the scenes
– Show a Demo
– Interview an interesting friend or colleague
– Livestream an event. Keep in mind that your live broadcast can last up to 4 hours.
– Launch a themed video series, like TV shows that would appear regularly on a set date and time.

Video is taking over the web, it is not a trend, so jump on the band wagon! Reach out to us at AFFIRM to plan your next Facebook Live event.

Source: https://flothemes.com/benefits-facebook-live/

Is Your Nine to Five Taking a Toll on Your Body?


If you spend your work day sitting in front of a computer screen you may be unknowingly causing serious harm to your body. As a graphic designer, I know all too well about the negative side effects of a desk job. On an average day I find myself sitting for at least 7 hours and I can honestly say that I have some of the world’s worst posture. I squirm and slouch, lean and tilt, and by the end of the day my back is hurting and my energy level is at an all-time low.

If you find yourself getting sucked into a laundry list of bad habits like me MAYBE it is time you do something about it!  Luckily I’ve discovered an essential life hack for fixing my poor posture at work – it’s called yoga.

By doing yoga a few times a week, I alleviate the major areas of tension in my back and at the same time minimize my stress levels. If you are looking to improve your mind and body here are a few exercises to get you started: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/07/yoga-desk-job_n_3707818.html

Flex Your Brand, Go Digital!

Digital Board Header

Digital billboards are nothing new, but they are growing in popularity and for good reason too. As a next generation platform for advertisers, digital boards allow businesses to interact with consumers, create custom content and make maximum impact.

Traditionally speaking most billboards you see are still vinyl, BUT if you are looking for more flexibility and versatility then digital billboards may be a viable option.

With digital boards you can schedule different ads to run at different times, even create several ads to rotate. We successfully used this media approach for Metra’s 2014 Summer Campaign in Chicago. By rotating several boards Metra is able to reach a variety of consumers with different messaging thus expanding their marketing efforts and potential ridership threefold.

Another great benefit is the ability to directly respond to market conditions within minutes. Leinenkugel’s Brewing Co. recently took advantage of this by promoting its Summer Shandy with special weather-responsive boards. By utilizing weather sensitive technology the digital ads change as clouds roll in, showers falls, or the sun shines. See article here: http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/news/leinenkugels-sells-summer-shandy-with-weather-responsive-digital-billboards/

If you’re interested in flexible outdoor advertising or simply intrigued please drop us a line. We are always developing new and creative ways to improve our clients marketing efforts!


Designing Ahead of the Game


As a graphic designer, I need to stay on top of my game.  So, I keep up with the latest design trends, BUT in order to stay relevant, I must also foresee the future.

Since I am constantly looking at and studying future trends, I am able to incorporate those trends into eye-catching, yet strategic design that adds value to a client’s overall marketing materials. Here is one trend to watch that could help you take your marketing efforts to the next level in 2014:

This year the shift has been toward simplicity and visually pleasing design. As the products around us become more intelligent and with communication platforms increasing it is becoming more and more important to keep things simple. This trend is no more apparent than on the web.

See how simplicity can improve your brand: https://creativemarket.com/blog/2013/11/11/simplicity-in-web-and-graphic-design