Go Kenosha Kingfish! Inspired Fun at Staples Marketing


Earlier this month, the Staples Marketing crew was recognized by our principles, Danny and Steve for meeting our 2nd Quarter goals. To celebrate, we swung down to the Historic Simons Field, home of the Kenosha Kingfish, a Northwoods League collegiate baseball team. A night of baseball including all you can eat and drink on a party deck? Count me in!

Aside from the usual hot dogs, brats and burgers, there was also a surprise menu addition: cranberry cashew chicken salad sandwich, which was delicious!

Need something to wash it down with? How about soda and about eight different domestic and craft beer options!

As if the game wasn’t entertainment enough, there were tons of antics in between the action: including the mascot, King Elvis, flying across the field on a zip line, enormous beach balls being tossed around in the stands, kids “catching” King Elvis in a net, and trivia. What more could we ask for? Well maybe three feet of licorice and a gigantic popsicle – Thanks, Steve!

Whether the Kingfish won or not, we were grateful to celebrate a win for our team –  that’s inspired fun!* (*one of our core values)


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