PRSA Chair Quoted in Ad Age on the Senate’s Investigation of Government Agencies’ Use of External Public Relations

NEW YORK (May 8, 2012) — An April 23 article published in Ad Age explores the current Senate Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight investigation into the use of external public relations and advertising services by 11 government agencies.  Read Entire Story Here-  PRSA

The happier we are, the more successful we will be.

Written by Daniel Mager, Staples Marketing

I can’t take full credit for the point of this blog entry since it was motivated by a post an old prep school friend of mine put up on Facebook today.  The reason I’m putting it up is that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes someone successful in the advertising business, and life for that matter.  It comes down to the approach someone takes, how they handle adversity, and the persistence necessary to be successful.  All of this equals being HAPPY with what you’re doing, with the happiness leading to success.  You don’t find many successful marketers who are unhappy doing what they’re doing.  So that leads me to post what I think is a pretty helpful reminder that the happier we are, the more successful we will be.  You might find that you’ll be able to make a few slight course corrections yourself after reading the article, leading to a happier, more productive career:

48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics Plus 7 Infographics

Written by Jeff Bullas
I came across some interesting statistics that has me quite concerned about the dental hygiene levels on this planet.
Apparently there are 600 million more people that own a mobile phone compared to those who own a toothbrush.

Some research reveals that there are 4.8 billion mobile users but only 4.2 billion people with a toothbrush.

Does that mean that every mobile should be sold with a free toothbrush or should you need to produce your toothbrush before you are given possession of your new mobile phone to ensure that future personal close encounters are engaging and pleasant?

Another interpretation of those statistic is that toothbrushes are too expensive.

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