When we were first approached by Rogers & Hollands Jewelers to develop a new sub-brand for their engagement ring sales, we wanted to come up with something that would resonate with the target audience, but that wouldn’t be a typical wedding cliche. We brainstormed over 100 names and then held a focus group to narrow the choices down. We then took the top three and presented them to the client at their corporate headquarters in suburban Chicago. Happily, they selected the one we all felt was the best, CREATING FOREVER. We then went on to create all the deliverables, from billboards to store case cards, necessary to launch the new sub-brand in their five Milwaukee area stores. Now, almost two months into the CREATING FOREVER campaign, engagement ring sales are up, with hundreds of couples taking advantage of the free $500 gift package they receive with the purchase of any engagement ring of $1500 or more. This campaign is a great example of how clients and agencies can work together to cover all the bases, from great creative to compelling promotions, giving themselves the best chance for success.

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