Account Service Excellence: COMMUNICATE!

When I used to be an advertising agent CLIENT before moving over to the other side, I was often surprised by the spotty account service I received.  Just like it’s frustrating not to get a prompt call back from your accountant during tax time, not hearing back from your account executive in the midst of planning a big a campaign was not a good thing.  In the 15 years I spent as a client for three different agencies, I was surprised to find a constant pattern of lackluster service.  That’s why when I came over to the agency side, I was determined to not have what I experienced happen to any of my clients.  With today’s communication tools; smart phones, email, texting, there’s really no excuse for not COMMUNICATING well!  Since advertising and marketing is, like all professional services, a relationship-based business, it’s vital to maintaining those relationships with timely, clear communications.  How many marriages would last if one spouse waited three days to return the other’s call, and was missing in action during the interim?  Exactly.

One thought on “Account Service Excellence: COMMUNICATE!

  1. Well said Blog Post about Account Service Excellence! I too have been a Client to many agencies and you hit it on the head when you stated their is a “constant pattern of lackluster service” in the Marketing Industry and many service industries as a whole. Many people don’t realize the power of immediate (or fast) customer support. It truly goes a long way.

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